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All Jews are not Israelis, and not everybody in Israel felt the same tug for Ariel Sharon that Joe Biden did.  At the memorial service for the former prime minister, the Vice President of the U.S. said: "He was indomitable. But like all historic leaders, all real leaders, he had a north star that...
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A sad day for those who love great writing: shortly after noon (CT), a report has crossed our news desk stating that J.D. Salinger has died at his home. He was 91.  Peace at last, if only from those who so frequently sought to violate his privacy over the years. --Earl Merkel
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I met Robert Parker exactly once. It was under the best possible circumstances,  a fundraiser for the Alice Hoffman Breast Health Center at Mount Auburn hospital. And the author who made Spenser for HIre a household word demonstrated the personal trait for which he was best-known, his devotion to...
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Another good one bites the dust. If you're not familiar with William Safire's ON LANGUAGE columns, you're simply not as good a writer as you could be. Period. He was also a take-no-prisoners -type of columnist-- and one who backed up his opinions with carefully researched fact. No "nabob...