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  The Gate's most viewed stories for this week have kind of a theme, though it's mostly dark: Harsh, harsher, harshest xxxx-rated violence), and then a merciful escape to souped-up laptops --- "lalalalalala, I can't HEAR you; I'm watching goofy baby tricks on You Tube." We hope these...
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Now that the primaries are out of the way, and the summer conventions have been demoted from real elections to noisy fraternal rituals, Obama, McCain & Companies turn their attention to the choice of running-mates. For McCain, the decision is unequivocally bearish. He must choose a partner...
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People keep sending me outraged emails about Barack Obama's pandering to the reactionary Israel lobby, AIPAC, and on the merits, of course I agree with his critics. He has taken precisely the same hard-right line on Israel and Palestine as Clinton, McCain, and let's see.... Oh yes, everyone I can...
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  Well, now that we've gotten the explosive topics of both race and gender out on the messy table of debate in this presidential election, what previously taboo topics are left? The answer is violence against candidates for high office. Should we avoid talking about that because they then it's more...
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I've been going through a whole houseful of possessions, clearing out the past to make way for the future. Last week I recycled three decades of journals without reading a single page. A couple of friends helped me do the same with Day-timers: we ripped the wire spines out of 700-plus month-by-...
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“If you live with hope you’re dancing to a terrible tune.” My sister of time and family, if not shared parentage, is reading me a line of graffiti she sees scrawled on the wall as she rides Marti down Atlanta streets into the hood where hope all too often, when found at all, is encased in a...
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It's kind of a stressful time in my personal soap opera. Every once in a while I pause to give myself a boost, repeating two words that have a remarkable ability to lift my spirits: President Obama! When friends are in the vicinity, I tend to add a few more words of rational exuberance, such as,...
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  Dammit, I LOVE that there is something like YOUTUBE in the world and that I lived to see it.
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Never in my lifelong observation of politics have I seen an election to match this one for extravagant theatricality: Laughter! Tears! Elation! Nausea! This campaign is like a periodic table of human capability, from venal self-interest to hermetic self-delusion, from moral blindness to moral...
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There are two sides to the human proclivity to view the big world through the little world of our own experience. When I'm depressed, I project my misery outward: the disturbing headlines jump out of the newspaper and pile up at my feet; only the bad news seems true, and the rest recedes. When I'm...