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I was thinking about oatmeal the other night.  Waking up from an odd dream - are there any other sort? - I heard rain and remembered Tucker, our black and white cow cat.  He'd wanted out so I'd opened the door for his exit.  That had been around 1 AM.  Although I didn't know the...
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"Hey, look, cheese, have a piece of Jarlsberg," my brain whispers. "Just a nibble. It can't hurt." I've decided to go without beer, cheese and oatmeal for a few days. Naturally it preoccupies my mind. Not unusual. There's been studies about the brain's pervesity for thinking about the things...
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This morning I had oatmeal. I like that it has health benefits. That’s not why I’m drawn to it, but it’s a nice bonus. But then I feel guilty; am I not reaping the benefits when I add a pat of butter and a good dollop of brown sugar and so much milk that I can drink it? It’s mostly the butter that...
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OATMEAL BY CANDLELIGHT One of my granddaughters, three and three-fourths years of age, along with her dad and mom, came to visit the first weekend in October. For whatever reason, she and her older sister think that I make the best oatmeal in the world. I suspect it’s because they have been used...
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I stood outside on the driveway to do my night sky meditation, it was pretty cold out there and I was glad of my wool beret and coat.  The sky tonight is amazing, no expert on stars but it sure puts me in my place.  Endless night sky and bright beacons perfectly placed.  When I got back indoors I...