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It helped that my traveling partner was a travel agent, of sorts. He was actually a successful banker who dabbled in travel to accentuate the perks he'd already accumulated as a banker and national master's golf champion.  No, not that Master's. He was just a good golfer who won the national...
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In Hawai`i, everything in nature—trees, rocks, wind, rain—evokes a chicken-skin ghost story.  It’s in the air, our blood, and retold on dark winter nights.  The hair on the back of your neck will rise and prickle when you visit these spots.    I grew up in Nu`uanu, the luxuriant valley that leads...
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It's Thanksgiving today.  I wondered if gratitude and appreciation are very much different from each other as I walked over to Duke's from our hotel on Kuhio St. this morning.  I sat on the open breeze-caressed veranda at Duke's, eating my just-fine buffet breakfast and watching people down on the...
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Waikiki is one version of paradise, if you like shopping and thousands of shuffling tourists everywhere, but the naturally gentle feeling of the air and water  make it feel a lot like perfection no matter how many people you see.  Waikiki and most of the leeward side of Oahu including the southern...
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My article Heavenly Hawaii spotlighting the islands of Oahu and Molokai appeared in the December issue of Morning Calm, a glossy in-flight magazine. It will not be online so if you would like a copy let me know. I will be happy to send you one via snail mail. Be sure to let me know what address you...
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The week of summer that we were in Hawai'i visiting our son, Barack Obama brought his family to visit his tutu, his grandmother Toot. Crowds welcomed them with munificent aloha. Commentators back on the mainland worried, the presidential candidate had gone off to a foreign, barely American place....