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I saw a girl on a Manhattan-bound train wearing a knock-off Louis Vuitton headscarf and false eyelashes long enough to make a Daddy Long-legs envious.  Her look—a sort of Sally-Bowles-does-Brooklyn—was complete with a matching knockoff LV handbag and umbrella.  She was seated next to a...
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One day not long ago, I left work at 5:15 and headed west on Fulton to catch the uptown 4/5 at Broadway.  The sidewalk was packed thick with commuters.  I felt weary and aggravated by the slow pace of the crowd.  “Come on, people,” I muttered under my breath, “let’s move.”  Just...
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I met a fisherman on the 1 train last night.  I have met fishermen before—I’m from the Pacific Northwest, and have fished myself—but this was a first in New York.  It would have been hard to miss him even in a packed subway car.  His two large fishing rods, like a pair of periscopes...
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As heard on the 3 Seventh Avenue Express, Uptown, May 2005: For have to not die. Got AIDS.  Right now myself die.  Oh!  Cancer.  Throat cancer.  Right now I got nothin’ to eat.  For those who doh know me I’m a very uhhappy.  I got pain in my stomach.   I...
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  NYC subway service ads replace poetry, literature   NEW YORK — Not long ago, a subway rider who'd had a particularly tough day at work found herself staring up at the ads inside her subway car, where one of the placards featured a poignant literary quote. It was from a 15th-century...
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 http://www.mccullagh.org/db9/950-2/subway.jpg   Book Spy Sees What You Read on the SubwayBy Maryann Yin on December 3, 2010 8:23 AM Ever feel like you’re being watched on public transportation? Maybe you’ve been spotted by The Book Spy. This anonymous New York City blogger explained in a...