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On this edition of the Phil Naessens Show Zeb Benbrook stops by to discuss whether or not the Golden State Warriors are playoff bound, J.A. Sherman pops in to discuss the maturing Oklahoma City Thunder and give Phil a Kiwi test and J.R. Wilco joins Phil to...
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Part of the stylish classism that exists in New Haven is that people wear ‘working class background’ as a badge of honor.  Terry Hawkins, who runs the Summer Writing program, is a lawyer and a Yalie and a card-carrying working-class background guy from where else but Uniontown, Pennsylvania....
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We'll be inundated with lists such as the one linked below before year's end. As for this one?  Of the hundred listed, I've read five. I'm not sure whether this means I read irrelevant writing, whether I'm finding good books below the radar, or whether this list is tainted by some elitist...
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  Today, we have the pleasure of talking with N.Y. Times and USA Today best-selling author Hugh Howey. He is the author of the award-winning Molly Fyde Saga and I, Zombie, but is perhaps best known for Wool.      Wool introduces readers to the...
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Photo on front page of NY Times today: Long Island residents gathering to guard against looters wanting to profit from the tragedy of Sandy. Classic looters situation. Disaster ties the hands of the law, with other, more critical matters to deal with. Time to get that free TV or computer. Sort of...
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  Times Will Rank E-Book Best Sellers By JULIE BOSMAN In an acknowledgment of the growing sales and influence of digital publishing, The New York Times said on Wednesday that it would publish e-book best-seller lists in fiction and nonfiction beginning early next year. The lists will be...
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It astonishes me that an August 1, 2010 NY Times article could state that "many students simply do not grasp that using words they did not write is a serious misdeed" - which is absolutely true - and that yet, the likely now-infamously-moronic editor Judith Griggs of Cook's Source...
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Gregory Cowles of the NY Times Book Review was kind enough to throw me a few "Stray Questions" for the Times "Paper Cuts" blog. The questions aren't really stray -- everyone featured is asked the same three questions.  Here are my answers:   What are you working on now?  ...
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I have another NY Times Op Ed this Sunday, found online here: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/08/23/opinion/23khakpour.html It's all about watching "thirtysomething" as a thirtysomething.  
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Summoning his best Mr. Spock impersonation, President Obama stated yesterday that fear of a government-run healthcare system is simply "not logical". This, despite actual logical arguments against and concerns over said system. But let's not forget, once the Supreme Leader says something...