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Parenthetically, I don't really think Morgan Freeman is a fan of this sort of thing.  (Photos, at right) Also parenthetically, I wonder how these faux-Chippendale dancers feel about having their shorts stuffed with "nice, shiny quarters." And (wink) the occasional Social Security card, of...
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Department of Health Fair Deal Review By Annette J Dunlea             The purpose of the Scheme is to provide financial support for people assessed as needing long-term nursing home care. The scheme is founded on the core principles that long-...
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Back in the early 1990’s, Sam, a family friend with Alzheimer’s slipped undetected out the door of his nursing home and wandered into a freezing winter night. He was found the next day, dead from hypothermia, at the edge of a stream. A charming, bright-eyed man who’d never lost his deep southern...
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We’ve all heard the stories—the stories of people being starved, abused, left to die in conditions so grim we try to forget what we know. We’ve all seen the pictures of the emaciated bodies withered to the point of paper thin skin hanging on bones, the look of defeat in those eyes. We’ve all...