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They lie side by side on the bed, husband and wife, enjoying each other's company as only lifelong friends and lovers can. They're nude. Their bodies are beautiful, at least to each other, and yet, on this hot day in summer, they are not having sex or even contemplating it. They're talking. About...
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Feminists and academics are ready for a pound of flesh and a slice of vice. It would be delicious but I am a bit chary about the intent however luscious be the execution. I do not quite understand what it means to be a ‘feminist porn filmmaker’. Mia Engberg is one lucky chick. She has received $69...
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Why is it only recently that I've been feeling uncomfortable wearing clothes? I feel great in the shower and in bed when it's just my body wrapped in water or air or my wife. But bring out and put on the clothes and I feel trapped, imprisoned in cotton, nylon, polyester, leather, wool, and who...
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1. GOOD: You are not freaked out by the human body in all its shapes and forms—you have seen so many naked people that you understand that nudity is a normal human condition.  This comes in handy when you have to help a sick hospitalized friend navigate some intimate part of her body with tubes and...
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A rightwing group forced an artist to withdraw a nude portrait allegedly resembling Lord Shiva from an exhibition at a Mumbai art gallery. We are back to the same old argument about freedom of expression. The artist has gone on the defensive saying that his untitled oil and acrylic painting was not...
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The always entertaining Bill O'Reilly has once again reached into his reliable ammo bag of O'Reilly Factor slugs, peppering San Francisco with the usual stew of foul condiments: we're dark, radical, seedy and dangerous. Come on, Bill, just surrender to your inner rebel and do a sister city deal...