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Today, I'm sharing how I develop and write my novels. I have a unique process that's helped me write the first draft of novels in less than 9 months and complete novellas as fast as two weeks. This article covers the steps I take in writing a novel from start to finish. In my next post, I will post...
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For an idea junkie (like myself) who owns stacks upon stacks of spiral-bound notebooks filled with scenarios for new books, nothing is more exciting—or even really as satisfying—as starting a new novel.  I’m not sure even endings are quite as satisfying as sinking my teeth into a brand-new...
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Let’s face it—about, oh, halfway through the process of writing a book, when the glow of the “ah-ha!” moment of inspiration has long since died, and you’ve introduced so many subplots that you’ve begun to doubt that you’ll ever be able to tie the threads back together at the end, writing a novel...
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One of the hardest tasks an author faces is sitting down in a chair to face the blank page. There is no doubt that after yesterday's announcement that V. S. Naipaul said that no woman could equal him as a writer because of sentimentality and female tosh, the task of facing the blank page got a bit...
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These are the main ideas synthesized of Elizebeth George's suggestions for exciting novel writing. Define the basic or core need each character has in his life Then arrange for his effort to meet his core need to be thwarted Develop the character’s sexuality Figure out an event in the character’s...