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By Henriette Lazaridis Power The letter sat on our kitchen counter next to the fruit bowl (which really should be called the Vessel of Neglected Fruit—but that’s another story). It was printed on crisp, gray paper, with an impressive letterhead and a bold signature. One of my kids picked it up and...
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I received author copies of my debut novel, Mirror Blue, the other day, and what a wonderful feeling it was to hold my book in my hands for the first time!  It was a rush, seeing in print all those chapters I had edited, revised, and tweaked for so long, when for years I had seen them, in various...
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I am an optimist, mostly, believing in the end that things will turn out.  They do, of course, maybe not in the way that I imagined they would but they end.  And they turn out into something.  Whether it's the shape I imagined or something else, what can I do at that point? So after having prepped...