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One of the questions I get asked most frequently is how to plot a novel. It's a good question! I use a variety of techniques to get me through that process, and it's a little bit different for each book. But I usually begin the same way, with a stack of unlined index cards and the germ of an idea....
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Writing updates: I'm in contract negotiations for my mystery short stories that would be part of a 4 author anthology. And my upcoming (July 27) Free Read brought an unsolicited email from the publisher. She wrote: I read your upcoming free read, The Other Side of the Page, and just wanted to let...
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As my friend Claudius says, "The author *is* always the last to know."  I've been moaning and whining about having worked on this Alondra novel forever. Progress has been slow the last couple of months, between the traveling and the husband traveling and the construction and the birthday...