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Some practically irrelevant thoughts: Vacuum isn't vacuum, space isn't space, emptiness isn't emptiness, nothingness isn't nothingness. That which we perceive as "vacuum," "space," "emptiness," and "nothingness" is undifferentiated proto-matter.  This undifferentiated proto-matter is pure...
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It is said that the origin of it all is "space particles." If so, what was the origin of the space in between these primordial "space particles"? Space is a myth. Just like solidity is a myth.
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I keep hearing this curious statistic that one of every two hundred people alive today is related to Genghis Khan.  I am pretty sure that with my high cheek bones and almond shaped eyes, this Russian is one of the lucky ones.  It wouldn’t be a surprise, really – not after the 300 year...
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“Paint your pallet blue and grey, Look out on a summer’s day, With eyes that know the darkness in my soul.” Don McLean’s lyrics tell the haunting story of the darkness…the emptiness that was the soul of Vincent Van Gogh. There’s a lot of emptiness in the universe…an infinity of darkness in this...
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Cosmic Re-Interpretation of the Id/Ego/Superego Triad Cosmic Id - proto-matter is conscious throughout; the vector of its consciousness is the search for wellbeing; all matter operates on a pleasure principle; there is no such thing-less thing as inanimate matter; the universe has always been...
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Come, to hear. Hear what? Hear what’s inside you. Strange you would say that. It puts me in a cloud cover: silence, seeing nothing either. You know me better than anyone, lost, the champion miler. Your being here shuts me down, yet don’t go away. I have to start all over, knowing nothing. Let...
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review of "Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea" (Charles Seife, 2000) Here's a curious occurence.  "The Indian name for zero is sunya, meaning "empty," which the Arabs turned into sifr.  When some Western scholars described the new number to their colleagues, they...