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It is said that the origin of it all is "space particles." If so, what was the origin of the space in between these primordial "space particles"? Space is a myth. Just like solidity is a myth.
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I keep hearing this curious statistic that one of every two hundred people alive today is related to Genghis Khan.  I am pretty sure that with my high cheek bones and almond shaped eyes, this Russian is one of the lucky ones.  It wouldn’t be a surprise, really – not after the 300 year...
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"... the Initiation of Man into the Immemorial Mystery of the Open Secret of Being, revealed as the inevitable Vortex of Continuity.  Inevitable is the word.  Its motive is inherent - it is what has to be.  It is not for any love or hate, nor for joy nor sorrow, nor good nor ill....