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Lick Cat's tongue Taste buds Flavor Savor Frowned upon If it weren't considered rude, I'd lick my plate of a lick worthy meal every time. Vinegar Peanut butter Corn bread batter Cookie dough Gravy Pork chops On & On
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  I’ve made a notebook on Blurb for you to record your spring cemetery adventures. It’s illustrated with my photographs from my Cemetery Travel blog, but has plenty of space for your own notes and ideas. You can see a sample of it here. You can order a copy of your own here: Cemetery...
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It’s maroon-coloured, slick and light. I’d lie down with it propped on my stomach like a baby as words would dribble out of its warm, white mouth. When it fell asleep, bubbles would appear on its chin and rise up to the cheeks. My little notebook with thousands of sentences spanning six months...
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Up on the ridge with my excellent Austrian walking stick -- it gives a feeling of security on these wet slippery paths. Compensates for a bit of unsteadyness consonant with my age. So many features! The comfortable curved corklike handle, variable length, hardened steel changeable points for...
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First thing on my mind when I woke up was dreams, but those illusive little critters, whatever, whoever, wherever they are, slipped right through my thoughts and escaped. I know they are around somewhere, floating through the dust, probably hovering at the corners... you know, something you see at...
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I just wanted to talk a little about some of the tools I use to help me with my writing. Being a pretty new writer and wanting to start out right, I did quite a bit of research on what I would need in order to make my writing successful. I tried a bunch of them, and some didn't work well for me...
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Possible things that the phrase "City of Skulls" could mean: -An essentially normal city--somewhere in middle europe/eastern europe. Each family has, in their home, in a box in the living room, a skull. The skulls are the skulls of the 8,000 defenders of the town, left over from a...
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my most recent full notebook: missing lost stolen   has this ever happened to you?  how do you feel about it?