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First off, the Goths overtook the Roman Empire. But who were they? They were an ancient people, usually characterized by their tall, blond appearance. The word Goth is also used to describe someone who is uncivilized or a barbarian. It's a common phrase, "the Barbarians brought down the Roman...
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As a small child, I lived in a poky cottage opposite a tall red brick wall which formed the curtilage of Georgian rectory, a classical house of pale stone, abandoned and fallen into ruin. The bricks glowed fire-red at sunset and, though pitted here and there, had a sheen you never see in modern...
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On winter mornings leading up to Christmas, I sometimes see the imprints of small cloven hooves breaking the frost on the lawn.             “The julebukk was here!” I hear my child’s heart cry, and I’m leaning over the red Formica table in our...
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I will say very quickly, before any of my readers totally freak out, this is not a new cover for one of my books. Not even a recent cover. But my last post led to a discussion on book covers and author input, so I thought I’d use this truly scary example as a jumping off point. This cover was the...
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When I was a kid, I lived in a small town with a population of approximately 1,800 people. The town prospered, mostly because it was the business hub of a thriving Minnesota rural community, and it was the county seat. It seemed to me that the people in our town were the only kind of people that...