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           The days were long and scorching and the nights nearly as hot and long, and there we were, in Ouarzazate, someplace in the inland desert of Morocco.  Furnace-like winds flew like the music of discordant, battling bands past our...
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Moors from North Africa who conquered Spain and Portugal (called the Iberian Peninsula in the early 700's) gave refuge and opportunity to the Sephardic Jews and together they created and advanced Spain's "Golden Era", particularly in Seville, Cordova and Toledo. Philosophy, medicine, mathematics,...
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When she was in her early twenties, Egyptian writer Ghada Abdel Aal began the complicated process of seeking a spouse. It involved meetings in parental living rooms over awkward glasses of tea. On one such occasion her potential groom spent his time screaming at a soccer game on tv. Another turned...
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Killing Rommel: A Novel, by Steven Pressfield   The hard thing about writing in one genre over and over is that once you get the formula straight, it’s hard to keep things fresh. You keep telling the same story over and over with different characters and events, and your plotting gets all too...