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You know how they say, "It takes a village to raise a child"? Well, publishing a book does not take quite that many, but it helps to have several talented people working together. In this case, Gabe Bush brought his skill as an artist to our little project Dinosaur George and the Paleonauts....
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If I had to tell one story about my father, it would be this: He joined the service around 1953. The war in Korea was ending. It was considered a "police conflict" then, but it was over, and he was getting out. He was one of the first soldiers stationed over there to make sure that the peace treaty...
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  On November 14, 1960, this country was forever changed for the better by the bravery of one little girl. One day Black skin, white dress,  Red tomato.  Colors of courage. A queen without a crown, her angel wings resolutely folded, armed with the fiercest artillery,  armed with...
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Two or three years ago. I don't remember exactly. I don't believe in death. Or time, for that matter. I see tons of differing beliefs or lack thereof here on our site. [Originally posted on DailyKos.] I see fear and anger and sorrow and memorials. I believe all are needed. We need all of us so we...