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Between ongoing debates over governmental reforms, the plight of illegal immigrants, same-sex marriage, and a world economy as fragile as the Gulf Coast marshland, conversations focused on politics and sexuality have rarely been as heated as during the sweltering summer of 2010. The debates may be...
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No one remembers exactly how it started. My best guess is that my friend George, a diehard sports fan, spouted some inanity about his favorite team and I responded with a feisty “wanna bet?” The race was on. The result is that for the last twenty years or so, George and I have bet on every...
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I STEAL A MATCHBOOK FROM MARILYN MONROE/PART ONE/THE HORNY AND THE DEAD It's 1961 and Brooklyn isn't cool yet. It's still a tributary, sending stenographers and piece workers across the bridge to mother Manhattan. Where colorful locals "tawk like dis" and mourn their departed Dodgers...
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On February 28, 1989, Cody's was bombed. I remember being awakened by the police who informed me that a fire bomb had been thrown through the window of Cody's. The fire department had broken into the store putting out the fire. The firemen's efforts at containment did considerably more damage than...
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Today I'm blogging about gender bias in the publishing industry, and why I'll probably never get a Nobel Prize (hint: the fix is in)
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Slayer, I shall forever longTo hear the executioner’s song We will have coffee when we meet Espresso for you, cappuccino for me I like it frothy, the cream greasing my lip As I pucker at the rim You want it bitter The cup to splinter We will have coffee When you drive me Into the arms of the naked...
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I'm subscribed to a Writing Quote of the Day list. I've never been good at plotting far in advance. It's just my process. So this quote from Norman Mailer hit home. To know what you want to say beforehand is not the best condition for writing a novel. Novels go happiest when you discover something...
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Norman Mailer died last year. And from the moment I snuck into the Red Room and saw my name on the same list as his, I have kept saying, “I’m not worthy … I’m not worthy.”   So there’s this contest you see. And the Grand Prize includes an airline ticket to San Francisco. I’m hoping we can generate...