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Bob Newhart, among television’s most enduring stars with shows stretching back more than five decades, openly wept as he finally captured his first Emmy. The 84-year old comedian was honored at Sunday’s creative arts Emmy ceremony for his guest role last season on The Big Bang Theory as...
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What a thrill it was for me to present the Forgotten Hollywood Book Series and a copy of my Forgotten Hollywood Radio Program to song stylist Michael Feinstein. The singer was honored Friday by the Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters for his untiring efforts to preserve the Great American Songbook in...
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I found myself crying this morning when I heard the death of Bonnie Franklin. I was offline most of the day yesterday; so I had no idea she died. I had a feeling it was going to happen; all the news reports last year said it was advanced. Yet it was hard to believe that the woman who played Ann...
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Good morning, gang!! Life continues to be this amazing thing. There is so much cool stuff going on with me, for me, around me. I hope it's the same for you wherever you are. Some of the good news is that Disney is doing everything within its power to make the Lone Ranger movie happen-- the idea...