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My gift to you today: A first look at a new entry into the "Cutting Room Floor" files of my website. The 'false start' to When Danger Calls. Read it here. Yesterday was busy with our family holiday celebration. I baked the rugelach, made potato latkes and ricotta pancakes.Latke...
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Since I'm not making latkes until Sunday night, and there are plenty of other blogs posting recipes, I thought I'd share one of our family traditional cookies instead. They're not 'officially' connected to Hanukkah, although we've made them at our house for decades. They're great for assembly...
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Since I bought my NOOKcolor primarily as a book reading device, I thought I should spend a little time evaluating it in that regard. Yes, it does a lot more, but I'm saving those bells and whistles for future posts. If you missed my overall first impressions of the device, they're here. And...
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Since there's too much to cover in a single post, my 'review' of my nookcolor will be ongoing—especially since I'm still learning. I'm not trying to promote this reader over print books or any other readers; as my earlier post said, there should be choices in book formats, so why not choices in...