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While I still think Romney's win in Iowa all but sealed it up for Romney, there is still a chance Ron Paul could win the nomination. My article in the Charlotte Observer discusses how and why it may not be a bad thing for the Republicans if he does win the nomination. http://www.charlotteobserver....
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After an endless run up to the Iowa caucuses we know now what we have always known. Romney is the inevitable nominee.    And here is why.....   http://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/opinion/red/sfl-iowa-conservatives-romn...
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A few minutes ago, Michelle Obama sent an email announcing the Democrats would hold their 2012 convention in Charlotte, NC. That gave me a big smile, and a reminder to send a big thank you your way for supporting of my book, Columbine. (More on that below.) I still lived in Denver when it came...
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One of my Dark Fantasy stories has been nominated for the Preditors & Editors Readers Poll 2009 Award. Called Old World Magic, this was featured in Ruins Metropolis, an anthology published by Hadley Rille Books. In this tale, a visit to her local New Age shop brings Tracy into conflict with the...
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It’s every serious writer’s dream to have a story nominated for the coveted Pushcart Prize, one of the highest honors in the writing world. Publishers who publish stories and poetry can nominate up to six pieces of published writing per year to submit for a Pushcart Prize. While many publishers do...