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No One You Know is the next book club pick for the Times Media Group, which includes the San Jose Mercury News, Contra Costa Times, the Oakland Tribune, and a number of other Northern California newspapers. There’s an excerpt from the novel in the Marin Independent Journal today. Excerpts will be...
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You’ve probably met a few writer types who say they don’t own a TV.Maybe you're even one of them. Well, I fully and shamelessly confess that my husband Kevin and I are bona fide addicts of The Office, and our TIVO never misses an episode of Top Chef. Our friends Dianne and Ben Fong-Torres are fans...
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Last night I did a reading at The Depot in Mill Valley, CA. Five minutes before the reading was scheduled to begin, there were only three people in the room, all of whom I knew. Then a gentleman wandered in, very tall and broad, dressed in a motorcycle jacket. Because readings always breed in me a...
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We all have those books that we read over and over again, books that call to us repeatedly over the years. And despite the fact that we think we know the story backwards and front, we crack the spine once more, because we know that we’ll find something familiar inside, and something beautiful, but...
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Please help me celebrate the publication of my new novel, NO ONE YOU KNOW, tonight at Books Inc. Opera Plaza.  601 Van Ness, San Francisco Mixing and mingling and drinking begins at 6:30, reading around 7:00. 
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When I started writing NO ONE YOU KNOW, I knew that I wanted to write a book about storytelling, about the blurred line between fact and fiction, about how literary ambition and the desire to tell the perfect story can cause a lot of grief. I knew how the story started, but that was about it. In...