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March 7     MUD PIES   Mud pies and retro-childhood are for the hurt ones, small and angry inside me.  They require care and special attention, but I can’t stop with them.  Saving the children to starve the adolescents is a sad fate, and abandoning adults after bringing...
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The “recent searches” section of my website indicates that someone is interested in memory loss.  A large number of survivors of child sexual abuse have either no memories or else the ones they have are obscured by fear and confusion. I have heard more than one victim, including me, say that...
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One of my most vivid nightmares, captured in a (very) short poem called Persistence Of Vision, is up today in The Rapid Eye, a fledgling literary and arts journal. ——[|]—— Persistence Of Vision She opens the fish, finds her daughter’s fingers inside; every fish the same explosion. ——[|]—— You may...
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Actually it was one zombie, maybe two, in my dreams last night, zombies that catapulted me from the dream when the zombie was outside the bathroom door. I couldn't get the lock to catch and was braced against the door looking for a way out when I was hurled from the dream. Something saved me and I'...
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There is so much happening at the moment upstairs, and this reflects down to us, completely and utterly.   Dreams have been wild, fantastical and filled with both spectrums of the dream worlds, violence, fear, wonder and joy.   My dreams have intensified and so have a lot of people as...
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 Periodically I receive an email from someone who wants to tell me their story and that’s okay. That’s what I’m here for. But their particular story might be extremely violent or abusive and might be difficult to read. If a story I read in the online news media follows, that is also virulent...
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My husband, Tom and I, are avid Sherlock Holmes fans and own the complete collection of the Jeremy Brett Sherlock. About once a year, we recycle our series, grateful that, despite the perfection of the episodes, we rarely remember them long enough to interfere with our enjoyment of watching them...
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          A spike-like needle piercing one cheek and running through his mouth until it pushed through his other brown cheek, the youth trembled violently five or six feet away from me.  Costumed in a multicolored robe and cape, a mirrored crown on...
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We all dwell in a dark place at one time or another. A death in the family, the loss of our job, a life threatening disease, or serious financial difficulties all have the power to devastate us. We pass too quickly into a dark place. It is difficult to pull out, to think positive, and especially,...