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I was asked a rhetorical question recently while visiting a photography exhibit how I would like to be represented in a portrait, which got me thinking as I envisioned Pinkie http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pinkie_%28Lawrence_painting%29  by Thomas Lawrence and The Blue Boy http://en.wikipedia.org/...
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How GlobalNiche thinking applies to your life: a slideshow
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The Global You manifesto from GlobalNiche.net. Get a downloadable, shareable copy here.          
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By ANASTASIA ASHMAN What comes after cultural disenfranchisement? After Expat Harem, the book? After expat+HAREM, the community site? I chart the evolution of my own global niche, along with expat+HAREM's spin-off project: Globalniche.net. When I moved to Turkey in 2003, the plan was to write a...
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Glo· bal· niche, n.psychic solution to your global identity crisis[see expanded definition of a 'global niche'] Don't coin too many terms, a search-engine optimizer recently advised me. "No one’ll know what you're talking about, and those who might won't be able to find you on the Internet!...
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  Are you worried about positioning yourself high in the ranks on media sites? Perhaps you shouldn't...  Are the two NEW posts this week on...  YOU can..."Conquer All Obstacles"      PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT NETWORK FOR WRITERS   Inspired? Check it out and sign up for a FREE bi-...
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I only allow myself to watch television on Sundays, though I have a small color set in my office. Somehow I feel guilty if I'm not doing something else at the same time. Know what I mean? Today I'm torn between watching a movie of The Phantom of the Opera on television and answering e-mail. I must...
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It  must be true! Yes, its got to be true that there is a place, there is a zone, there is a niche for everyone in this world.  This world is a tidepool, where all life finds a crevice, where even the humble barnacle is deemed essential, where all the perceived oddballs, misfits, the twists and the...
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Evie Shockley's post about cultivating audience inspired interesting comments describing a few Red Roomers' experiences. Two of my books came out at just about the same time, and the story of each was so different. It took me years to find how to write  Disguised as a Poem: My Years Teaching...