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I first came across my guest on today’s “A Book and a Chat” when I was hopping from site to site checking out various new books on “The Next Big Thing” blog week, where people shared what they were writing or releasing as their “Next Big Thing”. While hopping from blog to blog I came across K. F...
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A blog chain called “The Next Best Thing” is going around. Writers respond to questions about their recent or forthcoming work. My former student, Diane Glazman (thewritenote.blogspot.com), tagged me and now I’m it, so to speak. What is your title of your book: The Translator, which will be...
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I was asked to participate in another of The Next Big Thing. I was recently involved but thought it would be a good opportunity to help promote one of my works in progress. Unfortunately, I am unable to tag other authors, but if anybody would like a future tag or to be highlighted in the...
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I’m happy to be participating in the Next Big Thing Blog Hop, after being tagged by the amazing and talented Rachel Gold, Hannah Kate and Baxter Claire Trautman. You can view their Next Big Thing posts here:Rachel Gold Hannah KateBaxter Clare Trautman and you should definitely check out Gold’s...