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Newtown Connecticut | Newtown Connecticut

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Marian Wright Edelman has been at the forefront of advocating for the rights of children for more than a half century.  On Friday, December 21, 2012 she posted this call to the moral compass of our country.  I reprint it here in its entirety on this, an occasion of historical choice...
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For several days I’ve been trying to write this weeks blog but nothing I put on paper seems to feel right. All I can think about are 12 little girls whose mother will never again be able to pin a bow in her precious angel’s hair. And, the 8 small boys whose father will not have the opportunity to...
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Weeping openly,I will go on weepingin silenceat the slaughter of the innocents,for those babeswhose lives were so brutally taken,the babes who cruelly perishedat the hands of a butcherwhose soul was rottenlong before his body.
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It is nine days before Christmas. You wake up to see from your bed a gorgeous pink sky. You know it will rain today; your speech therapist Miss Neill used to say "Red Sky at Morning, Sailor warning. Red Sky at night, sailor delight." You get an invitation from an old friend inviting you to Chuck E...
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"God is a bullet have mercy on us everyone", is a song by the band Concrete Blonde. The execution style murders of a classroom of first-grade children and their teachers, in Newtown, Conneticut is making the entire pro-gun argument seem less reasonable.   Gun control works.  The right to...