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There are people who think it’s odd that a coach crash in Switzerland which killed 28 Dutch and Belgian passengers, including 22 children, receives more attention than a similar accident that took place in Africa. There are also people who think it’s strange that Prince Friso’s skiing accident...
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Well. Another country has put sanctions against the US after eight years of back and forth haggling. Here’s the latest as of March 8, 2010. The Brazilian government has announced trade sanctions against a variety of American goods in retaliation for illegal US subsidies to cotton farmers. In a rare...
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A baby is born with a malformed brain and has very little time to live. Her parents decide to donate her heart to another baby. They take the two month old off the respirator keeping her alive and wait. The baby breathes on her own, surviving for now but just barely. It’s a sad story. But what kind...
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Yesterday I ranted a bit about the quality of information sometimes presented to general news consumers. Today, if you’ll indulge my getting off the grammar topic just a bit longer, here’s a sample of the starkly higher quality of information presented to a subset of news consumers – those who...