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     So I’m sitting here in the idyllic countryside of a Maine August morning, leafing through a rather elderly issue of New York Magazine, checking out an article prosaically entitled “How Loud.. .”  which offers up a handy guide to decibels for jackhammers, taxi horns,...
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I was listening to WNYC today enjoying some air conditioning and a blanket. Now, if i had a hammock I would have preferred to sway in the breezy day outside but here I was. With radio on and remote control in hand I listened to one of the reasons these people got some of my unemployed freelancer's...
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MY FIRST REALLY NICE FOUNTAIN PEN It's the summer of '57. America has never been more prosperous--or more paranoid. The serpent of Communism lurks in our post war Eden, threatening to tempt us, corrupt us, brainwash us, conquer us by...
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To introduce the next of my Palestinian crime novels, THE FOURTH ASSASSIN, my friend videographer David Blumenfeld filmed in New York (where the book takes place). His montages are mainly from Brooklyn's Bay Ridge and Coney Island sections. He then recorded me, looking sweaty and frankly a bit...
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Megan Abbott is the female James Ellroy. When I read her Edgar-award-winning “Queenpin,” I immediately was put in mind of everyone’s favorite noirmeister. Dig it. Even more I loved “The Song is You,” in which Abbott took a real-life missing persons case from 1949 and plumbed her Hollywood...
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Today’s My Birthday and There’s a Fog…3082009 FOGGED CLARITY FICTION Caitlin HorrocksDylan Brock POETRY Scott HightowerHowie GoodAna BozicevicAmy KingNiels HavThax DouglasDawn Schout VISUAL Patrick GundersonAlexey MamochkinDominik Kruger POLEMICS Ryan McCarl AURAL White Pines INTERVIEWS Danielle...
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STORYHEART SUNDAY UK BLOG - CAN'T SEE THE WOODS FOR THE TREES Can't See the Woods for the Trees When I used this expression the other day at work, I thought it must be one of those fairly modern idiom. I was quite surprised when I checked around for today's UK blog and found that the saying...
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With only a few minutes left before take-off, a bear of a man bears toward me down the aisle of this small airplane. He's white-bearded, huge and solid, and he is--I feel this the same way you wince at the arms of a train-crossing lowering just as you're about to clear the tracks--clearly bound for...
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your momma's cast iron skillet right off the burner fresh from flipping flapjacks and frying pre-dawn bacon sliding beneath the dripping faucet the lowland valley fog sizzles burns dissipates with the break of day with the break of god's loving glance her knowing wink that welcoming grin goddamn...
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  I just posted 2 new series of pictures in the Media section.  Take a look!