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New Year's resolution blog | New Year's resolution blog

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My New Year's resolution would be do more exercise, more writing, and less complaining.   If I can resolve to do these three things, I would be happy.  Every year comes and each resolution becomes a ritual of better arrangements, and other stuff we hope to accomplish.  I suppose I will try to...
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Last year I finally got smart when it came to making New Years resolutions.  I scaled down the list, and made the measure of reckoning more ambiguous.  I'm going to have exactly the same list this year.  Why mess with success? This ran counter to pretty much every precept I've been following, and...
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"I don't make coffee" has been one of the first sentences I utter at new jobs.  Having grown up through the accepted office tradition that the 'girl' makes the coffee it's always been crucial to make clear that was not part of my job description.  As a writer who's made much of my living...