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Every New Year celebration is exciting. Who doesn't love the champagne, the fireworks, and belting out Auld Lang Syne? I look forward to what life may hold in the upcoming months, however, the flip side of all that excitement is the expectation. We can all stand to improve our health, our...
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Isn't there something attractive about a clean slate? I think it's one of the reasons people make New Year's resolutions year after year when most of the time they forget about them by February first. We love a clean slate. We love the idea that we can wipe the past clean and start over. I watched...
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The unwrapping of a brand new calendar holds such promise. I suppose it’s because it brings us all a fresh opportunity to get things right, to find that elusive sense of balance that makes us feel busy enough to feel stimulated without being overwhelmed to the point of morphing into the Tasmanian...
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  Surely, it is yet another new unfolding dawn on a journey in time, experience and circumstances we all value as life. As we all know, this journey called life is quite trying. So, this new morning, let me humbly say: Beloved Red Room Friends, Neighbors, Associates and All Red Room Members...
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An entire year sits before me.  What shall I do with it? How shall I make use of it? In what shape will I form it? In what manner will I live it? How deeply will I love it? I have no idea. Must I decide right now? Should I have already developed a plan? Is it already too late? Do I have time? Oh,...
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Okay, it’s now that time of year when we look ahead (and make New Year’s Resolutions) and look back (at all the things we accomplished — or not, hence the New Year’s Resolutions). On the publishing front, literary agent Nathan Bransford looks back at 2009 in his blog … while this Booksquare post...
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It is three days into the new year,and I am full of hope. Looking back to the events of last year,which,for me was a momentous year of self discovery,being opened up,quickly,much of the sludge of 65 years pouring out,I see the sun beginning to shine beneath those dark clouds that once held me in...
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2010, a new year and good things abound. From December 7 through December 21, I participated in Goodreads.com’s book giveaway. Four hundred seventy-four readers put their names in for one of three copies of my latest novel, Mangroves and Monsters, and already I’m hearing from the winners. (BTW,...
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Dark shapes silhouette.  Moonlight illumunes snow.  Deer stare a message.  Thin glass between.  My first guests.  I usher them in.
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                                    ‘nother New Year   When a friend called and asked me what I was doing on New Year’s Eve, I was startled. I hadn’t realized the year was almost gone. Oh, I knew the end was near or, if not, I was planning to divorce 2009. But on its deathbed, no, I was...