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Why don’t you have Indian breakfast? I don’t know what Indian breakfast is. Does it have a stamp? The cereal crunches in the bowl like dried leaves underfoot. Milk is not cold enough, not hot enough. Room temperature, we say. What is room temperature? It changes everyday. Brown and white mix...
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This year I didn't send holiday cards...and decided to go the video route instead. *s* May your 2010 be all you wish it to be! Amy's New Year Message
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I keep having small aha moments that all add up to the same big idea: making my own tiny difference in the world leaves me feeling empowered, while simultaneously chipping away at the problems that surround me. While my little acts won’t actually fix anything on their own, they do add up to make a...
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New year and new beginnings! Here we are again with a perfect year to start fresh! The year is 2010 and the beginning of yet another great decade of learning, growing, and Loving. Every year I ask my family and friends "what is your new year’s resolution?" and get the same five or six...
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Day: December 31, 2009 Time: around 3:00 AM   Lately I've been drifting in and out.  There's that feeling of disparity between dreams and reality.  I remembered dreaming several times lately and somehow started to feel that I was in reality.  When I went out to buy burgers, I couldn't help but...
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December 30, 2009 One day left in 2009. I know everyone else is thinking the same thing, where did this year go? It depends on your age, too. For those of us over 50 time flies by. When I was a child I remember thinking to myself that time went soooo slow. I remember, too, being the morbid child...
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Wishing all Redroomers a peaceful new year, full of love and hope! :-)
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Not every year can be necessarily a happy one, but even an unhappy year can be a mindful one.  So, instead of wishing you a happy new year, I'd like to wish you a mindful one, a year of presents and presence!  In reviewing my 2009 posts, I'd like to replay this one theme, that of redefining...
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From significant advances in the field of personalized medicine–– which uses information regarding an individual’s specific genetic make-up and environment to diagnose and treat diseases–– to the awarding of the Nobel Prize to five brilliant women and the “miracle on the Hudson,” the year 2009 is...
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    Now that Christmas is a memory and a new year is sneaking in, I wanted to say hello to my favorite internet friends and wish you only the best for 2010. Dream big and don’t let the world snatch them. Like snowflakes in south Texas, your dreams and wishes are rare and beautiful,...