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Literary Website of the Week - Essential Writers.Com http://essentialwriters.com/Hannah Ferguson of the Marsh Agency reminds us that writing can be a beautiful process in itselfPosted by Judy Darleyat October 5, 2009 Hannah Ferguson is a junior agent at The Marsh Agency, specialising in well-...
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I've been going through another writing binge.  I know, I said I was going to try to take it easier.  But (adding defensively) I've tried to keep some balance, taking breaks to stretch, work outside in the yard or go for rides on my new bike. And when I finish at night, I'll unwind with a glass or...
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Short Fuses, an unstable and volatile collection of short stories, including Bliss by Patricia J DeLois, is now available on Amazon.
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Short Fuses is a compendium of 20 incendiary confections created in the fractious online assembly known as the Bookshed: an unruly gathering of linguistic fugitives whose only common bond is a passion for writing, absinthe and monkeys. Most of the writers represented here are escapees from other...