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Over the course of the last 29 days of Write Nonfiction in November (WNFIN) blog posts, one thing struck me over and over again: The publishing world changes almost daily. I know most writers know this. They just don’t always get what it means to them and to their ability to succeed as authors...
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Hi friends:  I wish to publish my first book and know it is very difficult. So I wish to share part of the content online. It is also at http://launchingat30.blogspot.com/  Thank you so much and God bless you! James Daping Kuai 
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  Could my passion for writing ever become defeated by the roadblocks of publication? No. Not as long as I remain grounded to the true meaning of life.  Many have asked why do I write what I write? My response has been that it is because of my appreciation and respect for LIFE. However, I will...
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It lived a long time inside of me.  I knew it well and just needed to get it from the inside to the outside.  But I had never before written a novel.  I guess I just never took the time or found the motivation.  Finally came that blessed day known as retirement.  I looked over my long list of...
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On Angela Fountas’s  wonderful web site for writers, Write Habit, she offers a great list of literary magazines especially for new and emerging writers. What got my attention was her definition of new/emerging writers — “emerging meaning writers who have not yet published a book, and new meaning...