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I'm delighted to announce that I've released Dying for Rome: Lucretia's Tale, the first story in a new collection entitled Short Tales of Ancient Rome, in which I retell the legends and history of Rome from a fresh perspective. Dying for Rome: Lucretia’s Tale retells the historic story of the...
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WHEN SHADOWS FALL releases next week, and I wanted to sure a bit of the process I went through writing the book. Every book has a different genesis, and I've been trying to keep better track of how the stories come alive for me. I am not a natural journaler. I had the requisite locked diary as...
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  Book launch:  The Briton and the Dane Timeline is now available on Amazon,  Barnes and Noble and other online book retailers.  For more information, kindly visit:  www.maryannbernal.com  
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Friday, April 12, 2013   Interview of Fireflies author P. S. Bartlett This spring, as I count the days until April 16 when my middle grade book The Wide Awake Loons is published, GMTA Publishing has released Fireflies by P. S. Bartlett.  P. S. Barlett’s  illuminating novel...
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I may never get to say this again. So let me say it now, while I can. I have two new books out this week. Well...I announced the arrival of Don't Let Me Go last week. So I might be stretching a point just slightly. But today is its official launch date. So it feels a lot like two books in the same...
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For anyone who reads my blog regularly, you’ll know that Anne and I are buds, and have been for quite some time. For those of you who begin to read this interview of her blogging skills and think, “No fair. She’s every bit as much an author as a blogger,” have I got a post for you! Anne is the...
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  It's here, US readers, and I'm really excited. This is the novel that's been out in the UK since last Fall. It's here in a US edition, with a great new cover (in my humble opinion) and it's available in Kindle ebook andpaperback format. The paperback link goes direct to CreateSpace...
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I contacted several big name bookstores to kick off the second leg of my summer book tour.  The manager of a Northern California Barnes and Noble bookstore said she was not scheduling any book tours unless she could be guaranteed a minimum of 100 books sold during the reading.  When...
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Think of this blog post, please, as an open letter to my adult readers here in the US. I'll start with the short version: I'm back. Now to go into a little more detail. You have been amazingly patient. The last expressly adult (this does not mean pornographic--I hope you know that) title I...
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Contest! To celebrate the release of Susan Surman’s new book, Dancing at all the Weddings, she is hosting a writing contest, “A Healthy Divorce.” Please write a very short story or a real life anecdote (no more than 500 words) about a healthy divorce — if there is such a thing! Click here for...