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Pro Se Productions has released Tales of The Rook. This new anthology features new stories featuring Barry Reese’s character, The Rook in action-packed adventures by some of New Pulp’s best. Bobby Nash’s entry for Tales of The Rook is a tale called "Where There’s Smoke..." which has The Rook going...
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I wrote a guest blog for author Rachel Hunter’s Life Defined blog. I tackled an issue that I faced recently, trying to create a compelling novel cover. I take you through the steps it took to create the cover to my latest thriller, Deadly Games! You can read the entire post at http://rachel-m-...
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Author Joshua Reynolds interviews author Bobby Nash for the Shaking The Six Demon Bag interview series on his Hunting Monsters blog. Visit http://joshuamreynolds.blogspot.com/2012/03/shaking-six-demon-bag-six-extremely_09.html to read Six Extremely General Questions With Bobby Nash. For more...