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This just in...Dark Knowledge, the paperback! I know I'm partial, and perhaps that gargoyle on the cover has a face only a father can truly love, but I tell you, the book looks great, inside and out. I'm very pleased with the work Etopia Press did. And doesn't it look fantastic next to Struck, the...
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The paperback edition of "Promise of the Wolves" came out on Tuesday. I realize I'm biased because it's mine and I love it, but I think it's SUCH a pretty book.  I've been making steady progress on the second book in the series, Secrets of the Wolves and there's a teaser chapter of it...
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The novel's paperback incarnation can be found trickling into bookstores this month, even though Amazon lists a Sept 1 pub date. But it has lots of new features, like a new cover, new blurbs, and a reading groupe guide.
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It's SHAMEFUL that it's been so long since I blogged in this space! Call it circuit overload due to paperback release (i.e. Good Excuse #516, right up there with pulling a hamstring in Zoomba cardio class - something I've also done lately) or the general need to write for money-making purposes, but...
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It’s come to my attention that a very small number of authors don’t understand the concept of self-promotion. (“But I’m a genius! The world should beat a path to my door, dammit!”) Or, they have so many millions of dollars stuffed under their box springs that they don’t have to do it anymore. I...