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My new novel, Rocky Mountain Angels, is soon to be released, so I thought it would be fun and interesting to document the steps in the cover creation. My vision was two houses side by side. One a large Victorian, one a small cottage. First the Victorian:  
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The Dark Palace is published on Thursday. It’s my, let’s see now, eighth published novel. So you would think that I would be used to the whole publication experience by now. And in a way, I am. But still, I can’t help being nervous about it all. Especially as, for once, I’m having a book-...
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Agatha Christie died a couple of months after I wrote a newspaper book review of her latest work. Considering the time it must have taken in those past days for any mention of my review to reach her (if it ever did), I like to think she died happy. Perhaps within the hour. I was a fan. Christie's...
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My newest novel, Lydia’s Story, is now available all the major book sellers. If you are a writer, you know what a wonderful rush comes along with writing those words. If you are not a writer, just think of any major project you have embarked on in your life — giving birth to a child, completing...
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I've not blogged for ages but I have that excuse close to the heart of all writers: I'm writing! Check out the teaser trailer for my upcoming novel, "Written in Ruberah."
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“But writing letters by hand in the mornings when he should work or exercise, is the quickest way for a writer to destroy himself that I know.”  -- Hemingway, in a letter I am certain that this applies to blogs as well.  But the third draft of my new novel, the Object, is now in the hands...
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  My wife and I didn’t have children. I know, not the norm. For a variety of reasons, we just didn’t go down the parent and, subsequently, the grandparent road. So when I have a new novel releasing, it’s a bit like bringing a “child” into the world. I have the same kinds of fears that I...
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One of the things I love most about cross-stitch is the way the picture emerges from tiny stitches and colored threads. It begins with a blob of color that grows with each stitch and each new color from nothing special to something quite beautiful -- if I do it right. I have moments when I get...
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My friend Laird and his family visiting last night.  Predictably, both music and scotch flowed. He played us the three tunes he'll be performing before my reading and earned high marks from an appreciative audience. One of the songs is a piece we wrote together called "The Last Juliet". ...
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I spent all morning messing around with the formatting for the first 20 pages of my novel of the Old West, The Last Hunt.  I thought it would be a simple thing to carve out a section, slap it into a Word document, save it as a PDF... Unfortunately, I'm useless with computers and ended up...