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Having written previously about my somewhat weak skills as a musician, especially as a guitarist, there is no reason to belabor that point. I am not a great guitarist and never will be.  Nor am I a great singer. The one thing my wife told me before passing away a year ago was not to pursue any...
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http://www.reverbnation.com/emceerex#!/artist/artist_songs/890459 There is not a lot of new music that really grabs me.  The music industry seems to have been suffering for the last several years, at least in my opinion.  There is a widespread lack of talent because it has become all about the...
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Moments ago, I posted a new tune on my main blog over at WordPress.  Hope you'll pop over and give it a listen.  It'll only cost you 2 1/2 minutes of your time...but it will disturb you for a lo-o-o-ng time afterward.  This started out as a test of my new Snowball microphone and ended up--well,...
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   The Rescues At Walgreens the other day, the very talkative cashier expounded something I seem to hear quite often: “There are no good bands anymore.” This drugstore critic’s taste had stalled in the mid ’80s. But I’ve heard this same blanket conclusion voiced by aficionados of several...
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  My web site has a new address: http://peggylandsman.com/ There's a new Audio Poems page and I have put nine new poems on the poetry page.  To listen to some original music by my personal Muse, go to http://rdlogan.com/ Come visit! Enjoy!
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  San Francisco-based composer Pamela Z gave a talk and performed pieces from her extraordinary sonic repertoire at CIIS last Saturday night, and I’ve been listening to her CD, “A Delay is Better,” ever since.  Watching this artist work is a disarmingly intimate experience.  Precise, demanding...