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neural tribe doctrine | neural tribe doctrine

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Diaspora is a dispersal, scattering, migration of people away from their ancestral roots, away from their origins. In modern use, we tend to equate the word “diaspora” with the notion of an ethnic, immigrant community. For example, a such-and-such diaspora in such-and-such place (say, an...
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Neuron Doctrine We've known that any given organism is composed of individual cells as far back as 1839 when Theodore Schwann proposed so. It took about 50 years (until 1888) to extend this notion to the nervous system. Santiago Ramon y Cajal was first to seriously posit that nervous system...
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Introduction of the NT Meme A human - or any animal, for that matter - is a multicellular colossus that consists of various cellular types. One way of looking at our nervous systems is that they are not really systems but colonies of stand-alone neuron (all neurons - as close as they are to each...