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  What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear your friends discuss their book club? If you immediately envision several people sitting around a stuffy living room chatting about the latest book to be graced by the “O” seal of approval, you may be surprised to find out that...
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The New York Times hosts a Film Club that is sponsored by HBO. The events take place in collaboration with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. Every once in a while, they pull a classic out of the archives. Previous screenings have included An American in Paris, The Shining,...
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Fun morning at the Social Media Breakfast East Bay Meetup. My GlobalNiche team member Tanya Monsef Bunger and I were at the headquarters of Lithium to meet former Virgin America marketing head Porter Gale talk about her new book Your Network is Your Net Worth: Unlock...
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How GlobalNiche thinking applies to your life: a slideshow
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Do you hate newsletters? I do, too. Often.Do you read some over others? I’d love to know why. I’ve been known to encourage authors to send mass emails and newsletters. (Bansky’s going to oppose me on this one: even if all of Bansky is a form of lobbying for something.) And so, in my “year of...
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I'm not into the business of earning money from networking schemes because of the negative connotation that it has left in the minds of the general public. But lately, I came across this type of business that looks very simple and easy. It took a while for me to believe that making money can be...
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My first post in the politics section of the Huffington Post. "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!" -- Howard Beale, in 'Network'. Right now, during this particular phase in history, we are watching the word "occupy" transform in definition from it's original "to fill up space...
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  "A book is a network." Great phrase. Evocative. From new-publishing guru Todd Sattersten. I picked it up at a mind-widening webinar he hosted last week viaO'Reilly TOC. (I highly recommend him and them to authors, publishers and marketers.) So: book as network. Let's mess around with...
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Sidney Lumet, the fine iconic director of Dog Day Afternoon, Serpico, and The Verdict, has died. Known for bringing social realism to his work, Lumet began his directorial career in live television of the 1950’s. As a child, Sidney Lumet appeared on Broadway in Dead End (in 1935), and The Eternal...
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By ANASTASIA ASHMAN Rounding up zillions of links resonant to our community that cross my screen... These are the kind of things I share *daily* on my Twitter feed -- follow me or get the feed sent directly to your feed reader. The internet is over. That is, "the boundary between 'real life'...