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Don’t worry, I’m fully dressed, in my own clothes. Unlike Gerrit Zalm, CEO of ABN AMRO bank, who during his bank’s New Year receptions appeared as Priscilla, his sister, clad in a blue dress and sporting Dame Edna glasses. ‘Women on top.’ Should we suggest to Lord Rennard that he appears in a...
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Beatrix opened up during the handover of the throne. Her face appeared to be far livelier than before. Willem-Alexander had not only become more dignified in his ermine cloak, but from this moment on his face represented the entire nation. He was ready for it, and Máxima was a magnificent Evita of...
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Infidel, by Ayaan Hirsi Ali image via straitjacketsmagazine.com    I recently found this book on the living room bookshelves, one I soon learned the missus had read for her book discussion group. I was familiar with this woman’s role in Dutch Parliament, her stand against the worst acts...
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One thing that should never be forgotten is The Holocaust during Hitler’s campaign of terror. There are some folks that would like to tell the world that the extermination of a people never existed during World War II. This horrible fact of the human race should always be remembered if only not to...