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You'd laugh if you saw the miniscule amount of caffeine I've been consuming. After black tea proved too acidic, I was drinking weak coffee, which was really a cup of hot water with a coffee taste.   In the early 90's, when coffee houses were springing up everywhere, I very much enjoyed cups of...
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Wow, This seems to be my favourite word of late, but seriously wow and wow once more! Last Friday's Reading Slam to raise money for Sexual Advice Association was absolutely awesome; I'm still buzzing from it now. Read all about it my latest blog. http://www.megphilipauthor.com/index.php/my-blog/...
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The first time I read in public I was at work reading stats at a staff meeting as to my progress on getting a project done.  Years later I found myself doing much the same thimg at a different company. Luckily no one really commented much my biggest fear was to have them snoring through the...
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It's only a bookstore event, a cozy, friendly venue.   We'll have chilled champagne.  The store, Carpe Librum, belongs to my good friend Flossie. So why couldn't I sleep last night?  Attack of nerves!  My stomach clenched, jaw tight. Work is the cure--means now I need to go upstairs and rehearse a...
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Book launch tomorrow night, and all is in place.   The bookstore has the books, the local paper and tv stations have promoted the event, and so has the University of Tennessee.  What can go wrong?  (Isn't that a Jewish frame of mind?)   Snow is predicted for late in the evening.   Let's hope they'...