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Florus Geraedts Dear Mr Hasmukh Amathalal of the National Archives of India,I am Florus from Netherlands and visited several times the National Archives of India in Delhi. Coming 6 - 13 march 2012 I will be again in NAI in Delhi. Maybe we can meet? I enjoyed reading several of your poems, issued...
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Neighbor the word itself conjures up the sense of finding like minded people unexpectedly, such as people we might run into by accident, but because they are a neighbor. In being a neighbor we see different ongoings, some not as great as what we would like, the neighbor who leaves a car idling, a...
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 Last Thursday, Larry and Debby, neighbors in our small mountain community of less than 100 homes, sent out a plea to help them look for their lost dog.  Molly, a beautiful Golden Retriever, had apparently wandered away from home the day before.  Snow had fallen that evening, blanketing the dirt...
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Wherever we have lived, we have always had great luck with neighbors. Our current gang is no exception. We live on a very short lane, so there are only six other families besides us, and we're all pretty busy and self-absorbed most of the time, but occasionally someone has a barbecue  (we just...
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I've had an odd week. Well, not odd so much as sad and rather bittersweet. Forgive me if I spend some time thinking aloud in this blog. I live in an "unusual" neighborhood. The neighbors aren't exactly friendly. That's not necessarily a redundancy just because I live in New England....