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Book Review   “Stay The Course,” by E. D. Arrington Review by Cynthia Brian   5 STARS  ***** Hate is Learned.  Love is Color Blind.   “Education is Freedom!” is the title of the mesmerizing poem that comprises the final chapter, and, is the theme that runs throughout E. D....
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  Memories of World War Two Pat Montandon World War Two affected our country in many ways. In Waurika, Oklahoma where I grew up, three quarters of the boys in my senior class volunteered to serve Uncle Sam. Few returned.          The Waurika Bus Stop Café where I worked after school had a contract...
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   Does the United States of American need a person such as Rush Limbaugh of the Fox Network expressing the American compassion? What will he say next about the devastation in Haiti and the Haitian people? Especially in the cities of Port-Au-Prince and Jacmel since the country's devastation. Haiti...
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The new kkk has their white hoods off these days because, as they said on their website, they are progressive and more effective in drawing attention to their cause on behalf of the white race, or white christian americans. Supreme Master Maverick McCain Showed Who Is Really In Charge in the...