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What may have been Seamus Heaney's final poem, a "heartbreakingly prescient" reflection on the first world war, has been published for the first time by the Guardian.  Heaney was invited by the poet laureate, Carol Ann Duffy, to contribute to a memorial anthology marking the...
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Author's Note:  If you haven't read yesterday's blog ("Legal"), go there first.  This was to be its sequel, but Broad Street rejected "Legal" because the editor was unable to see it's point.  It was accepted, as I wrote, at First of the Month but with its date-of appearnace unknown,...
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In the last week I’ve been confronted with two accounts of near-death experiences.  First, a friend handed me “Proof of Heaven,” written by one of his business acquaintances.  It’s much better than its title, thank goodness.  It’s the story of a highly regarded scientist, a...
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See, that’s a misleading way to start. There are actually eleven of us and twelve stories. I’m talking about a group I fondly refer to as the Authors of Oneand our series, simply called One. The Authors of One consist of ten authors, plus me. Ten equals one. I think we have the math...