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In my view, "back to nature" means respecting the rhythm of nature and appreciating what nature has to offer.  Personally, I try to avoid out-of-season fruits and vegetables http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-388149/Fooled-fruit-thats-seas...   and manufactured products made of...
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The saying goes: You can’t fool Mother Earth. Those who think they can will have to contend with Vandana Shiva. Shiva is an environmental activist who has won numerous international awards for her three decades of work to protect natural resources and promote organic farming and fair trade. Time...
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Doris Lessing's African Laughter traces four visits to Zimbabwe over a ten year period (1982 to 1992). Ostensibly she returned to the land of her childhood (and setting of much of The Golden Notebooks) as a journalist, but this book is a reflective memoir...episodic...a crisscrossing travelogue of...
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            The question that most maddens Canadians coming from Americans, or so Canadians have told me, is, “What is the difference between Canada and the United States?”  The implicit assumption in this question is that Canada is further north in North America, but other than that, more or less...