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"Natural," "Nontoxic" or even "Eco-Safe" on the label of your shampoo, deodorant or makeup, makes you think it'd be made with healthy, safety-tested ingredients, right? Well, not always. Unlike drugs, The FDA doesn't review cosmetic or personal care ingredients for safety before they hit the...
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     "So what do you think I should do?" said the Sky to the Earth.      "Well, we've always supported each other in the past....no sense in stopping now."       "Okay," said the sky, "but how will I know when is too much?"      "Does it matter?"...
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I am now back in circulation and will be adding more things to this site shortly. Being in East Africa and seeing a number of tribes living at subsistence level--and yet in a sense more natural than our own overblown civilization--has given me a lot to think about, and I need to digest it. It...