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Long before battles with white men, two young brothers named Chasing Fog and Lame Heart listened closely as their mother told them about the end of the world. They huddled together by a small fire of amber flame. And to the boys’ delight, the mellow glow got caught in their mother's shiny black...
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Did the blonde woman in the bookshop throw the dice?  Or was it the brunette student who set the chancy luck coins a-turning?  Where does the story start? You might choose to begin here.  Or here. Or here. I choose to start at the beginning. Or at a beginning, anyway. 1975 New York The book called...
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Raven Mocker is a contemporary native American supernatural thriller set on the Cherokee Indian reservation in North Carolina. Raven Mockers are the most evil of conjurers within Cherokee culture. They live to a very old age by adding the last days of the sick and dying by eating their hearts....
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I know this is posted under reviews, but I am so excited about it, I am posting it here also.   Ghosthunter by Michael Saunders     Watch out people, there’’s a new writing sheriff in town, & his name is Michael Saunders.Being a firm believer that everything comes to you for...
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The editing is done, at last. Now I am making the changes to the computerized version and then it is off to my publisher. She already accepted it, soooooo I have two novels published in the same year. I;m feeling so good right now.