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Gun Guys: A Road Trip by Dan Baum Reviewed by Geri Spieler | Released: February 28, 2013Publisher: Knopf (336 pages)         “Gun Guys is smart and informative—an education for anyone the slightest bit curious about why gun owners are so passionate about...
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“We see no reason to exist anymore,” explained spokesman Clem Kaddidlehopper. “Our problems are solved. Now I gotta figure out how this thing works. It’s been so long.”             “You said it,” said Mrs. Kaddidlehopper.    ...
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When I was in High School, I was a Sgt. First Class in ROTC.  I took ROTC because I had huge breasts and did not want to be seen in the locker room with other girls.   In my child brain, I thought being in this class was fine.  We dress up in Military gear once a week, bought...
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           The National Rifle Association is a collection of cowardly bastards afraid to venture out in the world without firearms. Most of our politicians are yellow bastards who do what NRA members tell them. That’s why our children are murdered.    ...