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This is the week of people leaving their beloved jobs. First Garry Trudeau announced that Doonesbury is going on an extended hiatus. I was just getting over it when news came out that Carl Kasell, one of the best voices of NPR, is retiring. What? Okay, now this is getting serious. Carl Kasell is...
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After decades of touting "Zero Population Growth," it seems that National Public Radio has decided that the problem is not "too many" babies... but just the wrong kind. What we need, it seems, are more babies who will grow up to be NPR listeners. Can't wait for the next Pledge Drive. For a $50...
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is (to paraphrase The Association) the word to describe how I feel right now. Why am I gobsmacked? Well...   I was on KQED this morning to pay tribute to Mrs. Beverly Cleary: www.kqed.org/a/perspectives/R201204120735 In honor of Mrs. Cleary and David Cassidy (whose singing in The Partridge...
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Yesterday was a big day in my universe. Needless to say I was pretty nervous; okay, Mom was nervous. I'm suffering from a cold, and because of the cold, I was moving...very...slowly. Besides, I was doing important things. I was practicing my reading, then watching Natalie Nevins on The Lawrence...
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NPR's All Things Considered sued 4 false advertising, changes name 2: Some of the Elitist Snobby Things We Consider Hip Considered
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If you listen to NPR, you know the voice: the upbeat, inquisitive, even comical voice of science correspondent Robert Krulwich. I recently heard his story about honey bees. He explains well--as he always explains everything well--how when bees are in search of a new hive, it’s an absolute democracy...
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Trey Parker and Matt Stone and will be on Fresh Air today at 1PM and 7PM PST. I’ve figured out why I’m so taken with the musical.    If you can get past the potty-mouth language, the play is covered in an unexpected patina of sweetness.  Instead of bashing the Mormon Church, the play raises it to...
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My last essay, exploring deeper meanings of the current threats to defund public arts agencies, elicited a great deal of comment. The bulk of it came from people who, like me, perceive the stuckness of mainstream arts advocacy and are seeking alternatives. So, what now? What do we do about it? I...
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Some things are just... well, just plain wrong.  Case in point: National Public Radio has fired Juan Williams for stating that he felt "nervous" and "worried" when he boards an airplane and sees people in Islamic dress.  I've reprinted the Los Angeles Times article on the firing...
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It was a glorious day on Sunday for the Glorious World Cup when the glorious Liane Hanson interviewed me and my glorious partner in crime Alan Black on Weekend Edition.  She was absolutely the pro's pro.  I'm afraid I have a bit of a radio crush on her at this point. five days till kickoff, the...